YouTube promotion for my short stories

26 Augustus 2021

Last week I was busy making short promotion films for my books and also for my e-books on Smashwords.

Only six of my short stories were translated into English, but I wanted to make this film anyway.

I don’t know if I will get the opportunity to make more translations of my Dutch stories in the future. My uncle and cousin stopped reviewing them for me and Dinie, who translated them in the first place, died at the end of 2018. So I will have to do this alone now.

I still hope to find someone who will help me reviewing them in the future, before publishing them on Smashwords. A native speaker perhaps. Until then, here is where you can find my stories in English (between the Dutch stories listed).

This is an overview of the e-books that are already translated into English.

Follow this link to see this short film on YouTube:

Happy reading!

Johanna Lime