Smashwords e-books renewed – short stories by Johanna Lime in English

February 7, 2021

Below I list the short stories that I reposted to Smashwords on February 5, 2021, because the data on Johanna Lime and the links to my published paperbacks have since changed. The information about my e-books can be found here at Publications EN on my Blog site ( and the information about my books can now be found together on my book website (

For a full list of published works, you can download the pdf under the word ‘HIER’ at the top of my Homepage.

You can find my short stories published as e-books here:


For readers from 7 years old

The Shoulder Dragon


For readers from 8 years old

Toado and Toada


For readers from 10 years old

The Fayfairy Talent

The Anti Bumpbrump Potion


For readers from 15 years old (YA and teens)

The Nebula Children of Hary Rud

Pacifist Blood


Please respect the copyright rules of my e-books.