Read an E-book Week 1-7 March 2020

February 27, 2020

Smashwords will have a “Read an E-book Week” from 1 to 7 March 2020

Most of the Johanna Lime e-books are on sale this week with a 50% discount.

Like all seven parts of the Randsteden series with science fiction stories (in Dutch)

And the e-book series “Stories of Eibor Risoklany” that match the paper packs of Johanna Lime that have been published by Zilverbron publishing house (Also in the Dutch language, but “The Nebula Children of Hary Rud” is also available in English – EN)

And all other stories that otherwise cost $ 1.99 are now for sale for $ 0.99

For the short story Equilibrium on Mundus, you even get a 75% discount this week! (This story is also in the Dutch language – NL)

Only on Smashwords.

Sorry, English readers, but my other stories in English are already very cheap ($0,99)

Go to the Smashwords page of Johanna Lime!

Have fun reading!

Johanna Lime

***I am still looking to find an English reader who is willing to review my translations so that I can also publish my other Dutch stories on Smashwords in English. Until then, they will unfortunately only be available in Dutch.***